smartheat barrel heating

Xaloy SmartHeat™ Integrated Melt-Stream Heating

This advanced new technology from Xaloy virtually eliminates melt-stream energy losses and improves the process for a fast return on investment. SmartHeat™ uses a robust “heater coating” plasma-sprayed to the exterior surface of the process element (barrel, melt-pipe, shot-pot, etc.). This integrated approach ensures uniform heating and responsive control for superior processing.

SmartHeat™ is a Sustainability Solution. Wrapped with high-efficiency thermal insulation the outside stays “cool-to-the-touch” with no exposed wires for improved operator safety and reduced air-conditioning load. SmartHeat™ is also designed for lifetime use to eliminate heater maintenance costs and downtime – and unlike band-heaters, SmartHeat™ heating performance never changes or degrades so optimized processes stay optimized.


smartheat barrel heating



SmartHeat Barrel Heating Band Heaters
IR Camera — SmartHeat™
Uniform, Responsive Heating
IR Camera — Band-heaters
Non-uniform, Sluggish Heating

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