WRP-12i In Line Pelletizer

wrp-12i inline pelletizer

Xaloy’s water ring pelletizer connects directly to the end of the extruder, Xaloy Screen Changer or Melt Pump via a short coupled adapter allowing polymer to flow horizontally from the extruder to the in-line die plate. The rheologically optimized design minimizes polymer inventory between the extruder and die plate and evenly distributes polymer flow to each die plate hole.

The result is a consistently uniform pellet.

Reclaim, masterbatch, and compounders will benefit by improved pellet quality during both short and extended production runs. The in-line design reduces inlet pressures which can allow for increased production rates. Polymer purges quickly through the in -line die plate for quick color changes, which maximize production time. The retractable cutter head allows quick access to change blades and remove die plates for cleaning or screw removal.

An open trough cooling system allows easy operator response to process changes. A new cylindrical pellet dryer provides improved 360° access to dryer rotor for cleaning and pellet removal. Pellet flow through the dryer is streamlined to eliminate pellet stagnation and promote efficient pellet drying. An integral dryer blower exchanges dryer air 50 times per minute to provide improved pellet dryness.


  • Uniform polymer flow to die plate
  • Lower inlet pressure = increased rates
  • Rapid blade and die plate removal
  • Fast color changes
  • Easy clean-out
  • Simple start-up and operation
  • Improved pellet dryness
  • Easy dryer access and cleanability
  • Insensitive to process variations


  • In-line cutter geometry
  • Retractable cutter head design
  • Open water trough
  • New cylindrical pellet dryer
  • Integral dryer blower
  • Fully interlocked control system
  • Independent pellet cut


downloadDownload WRP-12i In Line Pelletizer Datasheet


WRP-35s/36s Pelletizer

wrp 35s 36s pelletizer

Xaloy's Water Ring Pelletizing Systems offer a modern, cost-effective method of pelletizing a wide range of unfilled and filled thermoplastic polymers.

The Water Ring Hot Die Face ensures a consistent, uniform pellet and is insensitive to short term polymer flow interruptions. Pellets are cut and immediately quenched in a unique cooling chamber design that transfers the pellet slurry to the spin dryer. An integral dryer blower is standard for improved drying efficiency. Typical applications include polymer reclaim, compounding, color concentrates and polymerization.

Simple, trouble-free cutting

Xaloy's advanced cutter head design evenly distributes molten polymer to the die. Since pellets are cut in air, there are no strands to drop, nor will die holes freeze off in the event of momentary flow disruption.

Efficient pellet cooling

Submersion of the pellet in the water slurry system provides highly efficient heat transfer. Water temperature and residence time can be varied to accommodate specific resin cooling requirements.

Fines management

All circulating water is continuously filtered through high-capacity filters fitted to the dewatering and dryer drain lines. Filters can be easily changed or cleaned without tools or line shutdown.


  • Uniform polymer flow to die plate
  • Insensitive to melt flow variations
  • Rapid blade and die plate removal
  • Simple, user-friendly operation
  • Easy clean-out
  • Fast start-ups
  • Reduced scrap
  • Reduced power consumption
  • CE compliant


  • Hot die face cutting
  • Flexible knife blades require no adjustment
  • Open water trough
  • Fully guarded and electrically interlocked control system
  • Integral dryer blower
  • Independent pellet cut
  • Fines management systems allows on-the-fly changes of filters


downloadDownload WRP-35/36S In Line Pelletizer Datasheet