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Mixing Nozzles

Static Mixers for Injection Moulding and Extrusion

Static Mixers further enhance the performance of our extruder and injection screws, and can be used to improve performance when it is not practical to replace the screw.

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Your Benefits

No colour streaks or flow lines

Some masterbatches and liquid colours are challenging to process. Sometimes even increased masterbatch content does not resolve disturbing colour streaks and flow lines. Mixer solutions allow you to achieve perfect colour appearance and reduced use of masterbatches at the same time. Benefit from our broad experience with most colour and plastic types.

promix static mixers no flow lines

Improved surface appearance

Depending on the mould design, part geometry and the plastic material, brilliant spots or dim surface areas may impact the quality of your moulded parts. You will achieve high quality uniform surface appearance with static mixer solutions.

promix mixers surface appearance

promix regrindBetter use of regrind material

The better homogenization of the melt enables you to increase the amount of regrind or recycled material without degradation of the final product.

promix better tolerancesBetter tolerances

Many technical plastic moulded parts require tight tolerances of less than +/- 100 μm. This can be a challenge especially in multi-cavity moulds. We can offer you mixer solutions that will significantly help you reduce tolerance problems.

Better balancing of cavities in hot runner systems

promix cavitiesEven cavity filling and balanced shot weights in multi-cavity moulds are not always easy to achieve. You have the opportunity to decrease tolerances significantly with mixing technology. Ask us for advice.

Increased tensile strength

promix mixers tensile strengthTechnical plastic parts are often specified to withstand high mechanical forces. Invisible flow lines can reduce the maximum allowable pressure of syringes and cartridges. Uneven distribution of fillers can lead to early breaking of structural parts under permanent stress.

Close to maintenance-free processing of liquid silicone rubber

promix mixers LSRInterested in reducing your cleaning and maintenance effort in LSR processing? The patented Promix LSR block increases maintenance cycles up to quasi-maintenance-free operation. Quality issues resulting from pre-hardened or non-cured LSR are avoided.

promix mixers masterbatchSaving of masterbatch

Static mixer solutions allow you to reduce the masterbatch level without any visual loss in colour appearance. Customers report reduction in masterbatch consumption ranging from an average of 20 % to as high as 50 %.

promix static mixers reduced cycle timeReduce your cycle time

The installation of highly effective mixer solutions enables you to run the injection moulding machine with improved process parameters. Cycle time reductions are possible due to faster cooling or shorter melting time.

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