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Microgel - Dual Zone Process Chiller


The Microgel® RCD units are two zone compact water cooled chillers which are used in various industrial sectors thanks to their wide range of operating temperatures. The Microgel® RCD is controlled by a microprocessor and fitted with a particular proportional control regulation device (patented by FRIGEL) which allows the set temperature to be kept perfectly precise and constant. The Microgel® RCD series offers encloses the potential of two Microgel® single zone RCD series machines in a single unit. It offers the possibility of operating at constant temperatures, flows and pressures which are different between the zones in a completely independent way. This version is capable of automatically dividing the cooling capacity according to the thermal load of each zone.

The Microgel® RCD is designed for the control of process water of single user, as an alternative to traditional centralized cooling systems for multiple users. Compared to centralized systems it allows:

An integrated automatic free-cooling system allows high energy savings to be achieved in the periods when it is possible to utilize the environment temperature for the cooling.

Electronic controller with microprocessor with easy-to-use immediate interface, fitted with self diagnostics for complete management of the machine.

Possibility of seeking and storing the optimal cooling conditions for each individual process and of communicating with the production machine.

The Microgel® series uses ecological gas, in respect of the European directives for environmental protection.

The choice of components, the assembly procedures and the strict final testing of 100% of the production, guarantee continual operating cycles with excellent reliability even in the most difficult conditions.

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