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Melt Filter Nozzles

melt filter nozzleA melt filter is commonly used to protect the hot runner system or when processing regrind or contaminated plastic.

Open Nozzle With or Without Purging Capabilities

Technical Description

The herzogĀ® melt filter is based on the so-called "gap filter principle". An optional purging port allows for cleaning of the filter in a minimal amount of time. Filter nozzles are frequently employed when processing thermoplastics in injection moulding machines. A clean melt, free from foreign matter is a precondition for trouble-free, economical production of injection moulded parts. The herzogĀ® melt filter features a compact and simple design.

Mode of Operation

The melt is fed via generously dimensioned flow paths to the filter area. Foreign particles larger than the gaps are retained in the entrapment channel. The filtered melt continues to flow, via discharge channels, into the injection mould.

The melt filter is supplied in two discrete configurations:

What can you expect from the Herzog filter nozzle?

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