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Heat Conducting Nozzles

heat conduction nozzleHeat conducting nozzles are typically used on moulds that have small diameter recessed sprue bushings. They offer optimum heat distribution up to the nozzle tip and require neither additional heater bands nor thermocouples in the mould well area.

One-piece or with Replaceable Tip

Technical Description

The herzogĀ® heat conducting nozzle is a streamlined design. It can be supplied, as required, as single piece nozzle or with a replaceable tip. The nozzle heating jacket is a sandwich design, that carries a controlled heat profile, that is generated by a heater band, with almost no loss, up to the nozzle tip. The heat conducting nozzle will satisfactorily maintain the desired temperature up to a depth of 100 mm without additional heating requirements. Most thermoplastics will benefit from this design, including such temperature sensitive materials as PVC and Polyacetals.

The following diagrams illustrate the advantages of the heat conducting nozzle relative to a standard machine nozzle with conventional heater bands. The nozzle tip is 100 mm from the heat source in both charts.


What can you expect from the Herzog heat conducting nozzles?

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