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Extruder Screw Designs

extrusion screwThe Extruder Screw is the heart of the Extruder and it is very important to specify the correct design and construction materials.

Many extruders are supplied with 'General Purpose' designs and many others are supplied with designs that are far from optimized.

In contrast, Cooper Technology supply a range of high performance screws designed to improve your process and boost your productivity.

extrusion screwCooper Technology supply a range of patented screw designs that are designed to increase your throughput whilst also radically improving melt quality.

Increases in throughput are accompanied by impoved mixing, often reducing masterbatch costs, and improved process stability.

Barrier Screws

The patented Xaloy® Fusion™ screw allows you to increase production and improve product quality in injection molding and extrusion process applications. Its design is the combination of proven barrier screw technology and a low shear metering section that provides chaotic mixing, reduced melt temperatures and improved throughputs. Read more ..


Alloys & Coatings

It is important to choose the correct construction materials and coatings in order to maximize wear life and enhance process stability.

The majority of screws are still manufactured from nitriding steels but at Cooper Technology we offer a broad range of special alloys.

Corrosion / abrasion resistant.


Screw Materials

We have a wide range of screw materials available, from the common nitriding steels to the latest high technology tool steels. Material choices include the following:

GP 100 A nitride hardened screw for undemanding applications. Good abrasion resistance with unfilled resins, but moderate corrosion resistance.
CP 200 A range of screw materials giving additional corrosion resistance. Small diameter screws are made from a stainless steel base alloy while larger screws are chrome plated.
TH 300 A through hardened tool steel screw offering excellent wear resistance and good corrosion resistance.
HP 400 A high technology tool steel with a very fine grain structure and a high percentage of Vanadium Carbides.  Suitable for processing heavily filled polymers at high screw speeds.
HP 500 S Generally as HP 400 but with a stainless steel matrix giving extra corrosion resistance, and a higher matrix hardness.
TC 600 A screw coated with Tungsten Carbide (either totally encapsulated or on the OD of the flights only) for severe abrasion applications.
FP 700 An iron free corrosion resistant alloy suitable for processing Fluoro-Polymers.

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