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Frigel Ecodry System


Frigel is a leading company in the world of Process Cooling. The key objectives are:

The Ecodry System approach combines the use of the Ecodry closed loop adiabatic liquid cooler with Microgel process chillers and Turbogel temperature control units.

The Ecodry unit can replace water towers for hydraulic oil cooling, and is the cooling medium for the water condensed Microgel Chillers. It can also replace or supplement central chillers, radically reducing energy consumption, especially in winter.

The Microgel and Turbogel units improve process performance and can reduce cycle time by delivering controlled turbulent flow in the mould. The delta T across the mould is minimized, a key requirement in ensuring optimal quality.

Together the Ecodry and Microgel form a true System approach to process cooling, reducing energy, water and chemical consumption, whilst at the same time enhancing process performance.

ecodry system ecodry system

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