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Sheet Extrusion

DuraShell™ Chill Rolls

DuraShell™ Chill Rolls are backed by the proven performance of the Keystone and F.R. Gross roll brands. Xaloy has what it takes to meet your needs for new chill rolls and reconditioning or modification of your existing units.

Built to Perform

  • Uniform temperature across the roll face: ±0.5ºC (±1ºF).
  • Consistent performance under loads up to 2100 N/cm, higher if your process requires
  • High precision: TIR (total indicator runout) of 13 μm standard.
  • Size: Diameter up to 122 cm and length up to 762 cm available.

Built to Last

  • Low-carbon steel tubing, hardsurfaced, overlaid with 420 stainless steel (48 -52 Rc).
  • More resistance to worm tracking than carburized and flame-hardened shells.
  • Lower reconditioning costs.



We conduct a thorough engineering analysis of your sheet extrusion process to ensure that our rolls meet or exceed your requirements or heat transfer, mechanical strength and consistently high performance commonly required in sheet extrusion processes.