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Bimetallic Cylinders

It is important that both extruder and injection cylinders are in good condition in order to maintain good productivity and a stable process. Many cylinders supplied by the OEM are nitride hardened but it is best to specify a high quality bimetalic alloy. Below are some of our common material options.

bimettalic cylinders

Cylinder Materials:

CT100 Nickel rich Iron Boron Alloy
High-quality general-purpose bimetallic barrel
Cost-effective choice for unfilled and lightly filled materials
CT200 Chromium rich Iron Boron Alloy
Increased resistance to both Abrasion and Corrosion
Suitable for up to 25% glass fibre content
CT300 Tungsten Carbide Nickel Alloy Composite
The most wear resistant bimetallic cylinder
Outstanding resistance to abrasion and corrosion
Essential for resins containing aggressive filters
CT400 Special bimetallic cylinder for Fluoropolymers
Very low Iron content
Available with highly corrosion-resistant backing alloy

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